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Responsive Design

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Custom Design

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of a user's first impressions are design-related.

Source: Kinesis

of users admit making judgments about a company's credibility based on their website's design.

Source: Kinesis

of B2B customers search the web before making any purchase decision.

Source: Kinesis
Custom development

Custom development

Custom development

Custom development

Creating a web solution that fits your clients

Do you have special requirements? We have solutions!

Our development team is entirely at your disposal to find a solution that best meets your needs.

Do you have specific requirements and / or unique ideas for your web project?
Great, we like the challenges: contact us so we can improve your business together!

A secure site

Whether recovering confidential data or incapacitating a service, computer attacks can happen to anyone. That's why we value the security of your platform. No more inaccessible sites, lost data or disclosure of personal data.

Web Design

Web Design

Web Design

Web Design

Unique website development

A modern render

The impact of a site on the customer is closely related - in addition to the content - to the modernity and ease of use of the latter. This allows us to define our development line: websites that not only look like you, but are also intuitive and comfortable to use.

Responsive Design

The number of people who visit the web from their mobile phone is increasing every day. That's why designing a user-friendly website for these platforms is a real imperative! Our web solutions make you available on all platforms at any time!

Be in front of your competitors!

We'll design you a modern website that you and your clients are going to love !

Online marketing

Online marketing

Online marketing

Online marketing

SEO | Google AdWords | Social Networks


Unfortunately, if you do not appear in the first results of a search, you do not exist in the eyes of the customer. We make sure your site is among the first in a Google search. In other words: out of the thousands of choices available, we will make sure that your site is the first choice consulted.

Google AdWords

If necessary we set up your Google Adwords campaign. This allows your website to appear on the first page of search results in the first few days. Thanks to this, you can reach a maximum of people quickly with a minimum of investments.

Facebook and Instagram campaign

The potential of social networks is no longer to be underestimated and we are aware of this : by ensuring a stable and established presence on social networks and intelligent management of "followers", we will allow you much more visibility wide, allowing you to expand your community and reach a wider audience.

Improve your business

We'll help your taget audience find you!

Our workflow


1st web is a team passionate about making top of the line, unique and intuitive websites.

We are always on the lookout for new trends, tools and technologies we could incorporate into our arsenal to improve our service and get you a head start.

Our goal, your satisfaction


1st web provided us with a modern and clear website. Its quality is way better than our previous one. The designers who worked on it showed great creativity while remaining very willing to answer our questions and suggestions at any time.

Thank you very much for your cooperation, we warmly recommend!

Blazan P. - Paxel

The project approach was very professional.

The way they approached the creation of the website was clear and transparent - as it should always be. Throughout the project the cooperation between us was comparable to what we could have had if they had worked within our company. Not to mention that the end result was of much better quality than I expected.

Nemanja - iMoving

Accuracy, professionalism and effective communication are the main impressions that emerged from our collaboration with the 1st web team.

It was a pleasure to work with them.

Emir P. - Investfarm Impex

It was a pleasure working with you! It's rare to do business with a partner who meets all expected standards.

Your professional and proactive approach is remarkable!

Darko M. - Marceta Design

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